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September 15, 2017


I was at Agbole this afternoon when I saw a girl who couldn’t be more than 10 accompanying a woman I assume was her mother to a spot where they lay down some vegetables they wanted to sell.

The girl apparently wanted to pee because the next thing I knew she came and squatted right by the gutter beside the car I was in and did her business. Right beside me, she partly undressed before I could say a word.
Of course I averted my eyes but I felt so uncomfortable.

This was an open road, a big area where anyone can watch her. This is how she was raised obviously and while I’m not going to abuse and attack her mother, I can’t say this was wise either.

In case, you’re wondering what the harm was, there were motorcyclists nearby waiting for passengers less then five feet away and one of them was looking intently at this girl. I mean really looking. It was just wrong but her mother didn’t bother to scold her. This is an accident waiting to happen, to put it mildly.

He looked up and around and I made move in the car so he would catch my eye. He did and I stared him down till he looked away. Anytime he tried to look at her I’d move and he’d look at me. He got so uncomfortable he stopped altogether.

I know the chances of the people reading this having daughters, siblings or nieces doing this are next to nothing but there could be other ways you’re not mindful of how these little girls are seen. Be careful please. Not everyone is a gentlemen or moral, not to talk of a practicing Christian. Even many who claim to be couldn’t care less about that and even if they can’t commit such atrocities like rape, they sure can fantasize.

Please, do all you can to protect these kids. Even if they aren’t yours, keep your eyes open for such occurrences and prevent any harm being done.

Written by Onuora Onianwa

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