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August 4, 2017


Where idiot who said that a wet woman is a compliant woman? Please tag him on this. Thanks.

I would like to share my story concerning the ongoing say no to rape campaign.

Please hide my Id and post ma, I trust you thou.

It all happened on June 12,2014. I was 20 years old then. I used to have a friend who lives not too far from my house with her family. It was a family of 7 , the dad , mom , her elder brother , my friend and her 2younger sisters.

I wanted to visit that my friend since its been a while I heard from , I tried her number , it wasn’t going . So I felt everyone including her sisters who are still in secondary school would be at home since it was June 12 , a public holiday dedicated to Late MKO Abiola.

I dressed up that morning around 11. I knocked the gate , her elder brother came to open the door. I greeted him and asked when did he arrive from where he was serving? He said last night that he is very sick that was why he came home. I asked of my friend and he said she is inside.

I walked into their sitting room boldly as it wasn’t my first time of visiting . I greeted ‘ E kaaro oo’ thinking their parents especially their mom might be home because she is a nurse .

Aunty Bunmi, I met the absence of nobody. I wanted to call her elder brother but he was right behind me , I said but you told me my friend is at home. He looked at me from head to toe, I started feeling uncomfortable. I told him I wanted to leave. Getting to the door , it was locked …then I knew I was done for that day.

He moved close to me and said today is D -day,he said he must start a relationship with him today. I forgot to tell you he asked me out and I told him I can’t date because I see a brother.

He repeated , today is D-day, I began to cry. Shouting and screaming for help but no one could hear because he increased the volume of the music he was listening to before I came in. We were still in their sitting room.

He dragged me into his room and pushed me on the bed. I begged him with tears , I told him I have never done this before, I told him I was a virgin. Aunty Bunmi . He said Yes , that would make me date and marry him because we ladies don’t forget who deflower us easily.

I bite him but how can someone like me escape from someone who has a similar stature with Uncle Hymar Idible David , he was hefty. I kept struggling with him. Within some seconds , Aunty Bunmi I was naked. He removed everything on me , he behaved like an animal. I still continued struggling with him when he stood up from the bed , I was glad, I stood up immediately naked but with my clothes , got to his door , it was locked. I turned back to see him with his Ankara trousers,about 2 or 3. He pushed me to the bed again and tied my hand to the burglary of the window. He gave me blows on my arm and thigh , Aunty Bunmi, I became weak. I couldn’t move. I kept crying. He started romancing me and the idiot said I was wet , that I’m enjoying the touches ,that is why I was wet.

Aunty Bunmi , he finally had his way. He saw the blood and he started weeping . He swore to marry me that he never believed I was a Virgin..That he would have allowed me go if he knew I was truly a virgin.

I started cursing him, he slapped me ,beat me and threw me out to their sitting room with my clothes. I wore my clothes there and left for a sister that I trust very well. I explained things to her , she said the best thing is to keep shut because people will blame me for going there in the first place , she called my parent that I won’t be coming home that day. She gave me drugs and made sure I was very okay before going back home. I got home and packed my things and left for school since I only came home for break. He never told my friend I came and I just couldn’t explain all that happened but since then , I started avoiding my friend.

Up till now , I feel so hurt. I still feel the pains. He later came to beg me with a marriage proposal but I said never . I will never marry an abuser. Those moments are still fresh in my memory. Till now, I live in shame, I live in pains.


And that was how I lost my virginity to someone I had no feelings for . I would be glad if you can post

By Olu Bunmi

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