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August 3, 2017

From my inbox… she made him rue the day he tried to rape her. She has a message for victims.

This is a rape attempt that I encountered few years ago. I’m giving this account because women need to learn to fight back. There is no shame in being raped rather the rapist should be shamed.

He was a guy I liked and was even willing to date. I visited his house and while there he suddenly changed his attitude and started trying to touch me. When I told him to stop, he went to the door and locked it then placed the key high where I couldn’t reach.

He held my neck and started choking me because I was struggling seriously. Sis, I nearly passed out. I couldn’t breathe and my eyes felt swollen. I stopped struggling and decided to allow him have his way. As he unbuttoned my blouse what he told me gave me the worst goosebumps I’ve ever felt. He told me, “You are not going to enjoy this so better endure it and let me be done with it.”

I got angry, so angry that I grabbed his arm with my teeth and bit him. I didn’t let go even when he started punching my ear. I didn’t let go. I tasted his blood and still bit harder. There was blood everywhere but it wasn’t mine. It was all his.

He gave me a punch and told me he would kill me. I ran to his electronic stand and picked one long speaker and hit it on him several times. I damaged his electronics, I was screaming like a wild animal. I was about destroying his large screen television when he opened the door and told me to get out, which I did.

I ran outside and fell to the ground. That was when people gathered around to help me. It took me about 3 weeks to recover but when I did, I didn’t hide. I went to his house with my friends and we destroyed his car with hammers, crowbars and pestles. I also went to his office to harass him. Sis, I put the fear of God in that bastard. He had to pack out from his estate and run away because I and my friends were not letting him off that easy.

Women need to fight back. Even if we can’t get our revenge that very day, plan it. Even if it takes two years, plan it and ensure that person pays for what he did. If he had succeeded in raping me, I would have committed murder and never felt an iota of regret.

By Olu Bunmi

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