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My friend told me her story about 20 years ago. And it stayed with me. She has given me permission to tell it. Her father violated her. She said they fled Nigeria as a result of the civil war. They got a place here in England. A three bedroom property. Her parents had one room. […]

Report Women!

From my inbox… she made him rue the day he tried to rape her. She has a message for victims. This is a rape attempt that I encountered few years ago. I’m giving this account because women need to learn to fight back. There is no shame in being raped rather the rapist should be […]

From my inbox… her room mate’s cousin organised for both of them to be raped on campus. He raped his cousin. Morning Aunty Bunmi, good job ure doing on the Rape series. I was gang raped with my room mate in our 1st year at the Polytechnic by her cousin and his friends who were […]

I used to know a couple. From the outside, it always seemed like they were a happy family. Everyone believed they were genuinely happy. But the man always had swollen face and black eyes. It was later confirmed that his wife was always punching him. There were days the beatings landed him in hospital for […]

Paedophiles don’t operate in the streets, they operate where they are trusted. This simply means that a paedophile will not pick a random child off the street to molest, the chances of being outed by the child are higher because children are naturally wary of strangers. And paedophiles don’t want to be exposed.That is not […]

#EveryWomanListen! July edition has come and still lingers. The Media Initiative Against Human trafficking and Women Rights Abuse (MIAHWRA) is saying immeasurable THANK YOU to everyone who turned up yesterday July 29th, 2017. We are very grateful to our awesome panelists who not only did justice to the topic: WHAT DO MEN REALLY WANT?, but […]

Mr. Darren Walker, President of the FORD FOUNDATION Wednesday July 19th 2017 commended Ms. Tobore Ovuorie, founder of the Media Initiative Against Human trafficking and Women Rights Abuse (MIAHWRA) for her anti-human trafficking works. Mr. Walker and Ms. Ovuorie met at AFRINOLLY, Lagos where they were guests of the latter- Nigeria’s renowned film, creativity and […]