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September 15, 2017

I was at Agbole this afternoon when I saw a girl who couldn’t be more than 10 accompanying a woman I assume was her mother to a spot where they lay down some vegetables they wanted to sell. The girl apparently wanted to pee because the next thing I knew she came and squatted right […]

Report Women!
*Runaway Dads: The Plight of Women*
September 14, 2017

By Michael Awe The rate at which our young women are becoming single mothers is increasingly alarming. Apart from widows, it’s like we are having single moms almost at equal proportion to married women. And this unpleasant situation is a consequence of men and their irascible moral attitude. Many of them chose to be irresponsible, […]

September 11, 2017

Are you a guy or know anyone who’s got nothing doing right now? Or, you’ve always hoped to be your own boss but don’t know how? Interested in the construction industry? Here is a great opportunity for you! Miahwra Miahwra in conjunction with one of her partners in the construction industry presents CONSTRUCTION SKILLS ACQUISITION […]

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Our Vision and Mission

Through promotion of individual rights and defence, MIAHWRA's goal is to contribute to the prevention and eradication of sexual exploitation, human trafficking and abuse of girls and women.

MIAHWRA envisions individuals who suffer sexual exploitation and human trafficking, as well as abused girls and women recover their freedom and dignity, asserting their rights, and achieve autonomy to begin a life outside of the control and abuse of their exploiters.

The organization's intervention also includes changing the reality that perpetuates the exploitation of women. Thus, works towards eradicating this phenomenon.


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We are currently in need of more individuals with a drive for what we do to volunteer and
be able to make positive impact on women who have been victimized all around the world.


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